Beautiful and Unique Yard Decor

Each fish is approximately 36” long and weighs about 12 lbs. Because they are all hand fabricated and assembled, each fish will vary slightly. They are all constructed with a multi-gage steel plate and rods. At this time, we offer two varieties, Sam, and Wally, with more to come soon.


4 easy steps to install your yard decor.

  1. Pound the steel rod into the ground in your desired location. The depth required to hold the fish will vary by soil type and conditions, but it is recommended it is at least 1ft. in the ground.
  2. Attach the tail to the fish to ensure proper balance.
  3. Place the fish onto the steel rod.
  4. Enjoy!
3 metal fish sinning sculptures infront of a flower bed

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Sam enjoys the cool northern waters and being his own fish. He loves working out while swimming against the current, but don't let this fish's headstrong nature fool you, he is always ready to relax and take it easy.


Wally spends his days cruising the lake in search of fun and adventure, often taking short breaks in the shade of the nearest lily pad. He enjoys sunsets and long swims by the beach.