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Who We Are

Water’s Edge Metal Art is young, but its inspiration goes back decades.  Bob Theisen and Dean Thompson, met in the early ’70s in their hometown of Bemidji, MN, where they quickly became lifelong friends. Their paths diverged as they grew but they stayed in touch. After 35 years, they were reunited in Bemidji, where it all began. Bob’s artistic vision and fabricating ability, combined with Dean’s down to earth business sense, and they formed Water’s Edge Metal Art.

All the unique pieces are hand-crafted, with an outdoor, rustic feel. The charming fish shapes are perfect for decorating your cabin, home, or business. They move freely with just a slight breeze, producing an anesthetic and sound that is truly one of a kind.

There is also an added benefit of keeping pesky geese out of your yard. The movement and sound seem to scare off most geese. Place a few of these land fish on your shoreline to help keep your yard clean and goose free.